Fun and avant-garde seafood cuisine

We ventured with a carefree attitude into the abysses of the ocean and created a new horizon in the sea of Denia.

Bruno Ruiz

Passion, discipline, revolution and nonconformity have shaped the spirit of Bruno Ruiz throughout his training and professional career. A student in Denia, his time at the Celler de Can Roca and the experience with Martin Berasategui and Pedro Subijana, marked a before and after in his way of feeling the kitchen.

Adventurous, restless and sensitive, Bruno Ruiz is passionate about his profession, which he learned in his grandparents’ oven and thanks to the time he spent in the kitchen with his father. He proves it to us in such a unique setting as Aticcook and now, also, through Escondida, a new project in which he reaffirms his love and respect for local products and culinary art.